LIB 5900 Internship/Practicum & LIB 5910 Applications of Librarianship Standards

We have two course options available for you to take in order to acquire the real world experiences that are an important part of your learning:

LIB 5910: Applications of Librarianship Standards provides a relevant field experience for those already working in a school or library setting. The course builds upon the students current knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the field location and builds on this knowledge through the direct application of professional standards of librarianship.

LIB 5900: Internship/Practicum provides students unfamiliar and/or inexperienced with the day to day working operations of a school or public library setting. These students are not employed in a school or public library setting and are therefore expected to use this internship experience to gain familiarity with the roles and responsibilities of the profession within the setting.

If you are unsure about which educational experience is right for you, please contact your advisor. Please note that your first internship hour can be completed in either a school or public library; however, your second and third internship hours must be completed in a school library in order to be eligible for school librarian certification. If you are working toward your M-level licensure, you will need to additionally take the three-hour internship option, all of which must be completed in one semester and at a school library.

If you are planning to take LIB 5910: Applications of Librarianship Standards:

  1. You will need to register for LIB5910 Applications of Librarianship Standards. When it becomes available, you should be able to find a section of the course for your cohort.
  2. Please download and have your employer sign this letter, titled Acknowledgment of Employee Involvement in a Graduate Program at Appalachian State University (DOCX, 66 KB).
  3. Mail, or scan and email the letter to your course instructor. The signed letter has to be returned to your instructor by the first week of class.

If you are planning to take LIB 5900: Internship/Practicum:

  1. You will need to register for LIB 5900 Internship/Practicum.
  2. Please go to the following survey link and fill in the information requested. You will need to determine the location of your internship before you can complete the form. You cannot be registered for the internship until we receive this information. Once we receive the information we will send you the internship contract that has to be signed and returned.
    1. Link to LIB 5900 Survey
    2. Please email both Ronda Eldreth ( and Dr. Moeller ( once you have completed this survey. Your paperwork will not be processed until you have contacted both Ronda and Dr. Moeller.
  3. You will receive a copy of an internship contract that you will have to get signed by your site supervisor. The signed internship contract has to be returned to us quickly in order for us to get all of the approvals to be able to enroll you in the internship.
  4. If you are going to be doing an internship in a school and you are not employed by the school district then you also need to have a criminal background check if you have not already done so. Please follow these directions:
    1. Login to Banner Self Service –
    2. Go to the "Student" tab
    3. Click the "RCOE Student Services" link
    4. Click the "Criminal Background Check Request" link
    5. Complete the information. Complete all required fields
    6. Click Submit
      1. After clicking submit you will automatically receive an email to your Appstate email account with instructions on how to complete the online portion of the background check process. Please pay strict attention to those directions or the process will not work.